Kia Of Saskatoon

Kia is a new driving force in the automotive industry. A rich history both as a collaborator with Mazda and Ford and as an independent automaker has seen Kia gain a tremendous amount of experience producing excellent quality vehicles. What has made Kia“new”, so to speak, is the new aggressive approach to delivering the greatest value possible to Canadian consumers.

A huge emphasis has been put on making Kia vehicles sleek, sustainable, affordable, and a lot of fun to drive. World renowned German designer Peter Schreyer has brought an undeniably alluring aesthetic to the entire Kia line-up. Kia Motors as a whole invests heavily in eco-friendly technologies to ensure their vehicles are not only enjoyable to drive, but sustainable as well. The net result of all of these efforts has been a lineup of incredible cars and SUVs that, over the past several years, has won prestigious awards such as the reddot award for car design (Kia Soul) and AJAC Awards for Best Family Car Under $30,000 (Kia Soul), and Best New SUV (Kia Sorento).

At Kia of Saskatoon, we’re very proud to be offering the full Kia line-up of cars and SUVs. Every day, we get to see the surprise and excitement of our customers when they experience for themselves the incredible value packed into all of Kia’s vehicles. They drive away excited about how far their dollars went, and how far their new Kia is going to take them. We’re looking forward to sharing that experience with you – these vehicles really do have the power to surprise.


Kia Of Saskatoon
730 Brand Rd,
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